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AuraDecor Premium Amber Jar Scented Candle Set of 4 Gift Set in 2 Variants in a Gift Box

AuraDecor Premium Amber Jar Scented Candle Set of 4 Gift Set in 2 Variants in a Gift Box

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Introducing the AuraDecor Amber Jar Set of 4, available in two enticing variants, elegantly presented in a charming gift box.

Option 1: This set includes four exquisite jar candles, each infused with a distinctive fragrance. The scents included are:

  • AmberQuartz & Oudh: A harmonious blend of rich amber and precious oudh, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Dark Love: An alluring combination of deep and mysterious notes, evoking passion and intrigue.
  • Lime Basil Mandarin: A refreshing fusion of zesty lime, aromatic basil, and tangy mandarin, enlivening any space.
  • Spanish Guaicwood & Lily: A captivating aroma that marries the woody essence of Spanish guaicwood with the delicate allure of lily blossoms.

Option 2: This variant encompasses four captivating jar candles, each showcasing a unique fragrance:

  • Black Oudh & Rose: The intense aroma of black oudh entwined with the timeless elegance of rose petals, emanating luxury and allure.
  • Sparkling Peony: A celebration of the radiant peony flower, sparkling with floral brilliance and graceful charm.
  • Honey Suckle & Indiflower: The sweet and nectarous scent of honeysuckle intertwined with the exotic allure of indiflower.
  • Juicy Lychee: A succulent and juicy lychee fragrance that adds a fruity and vibrant dimension to any ambiance.

Both options come encased in a stunning gift box, adding an element of luxury to your gifting experience. Experience the art of aroma with the AuraDecor Amber Jar Set of 4, a perfect embodiment of elegance and fragrance.

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Customer Reviews

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Love my candles!

It was my first time ordering from AuraDecor and I'm glad I did. The delivery was prompt and everything was sent in great condition. I'm especially impressed by their jar candles. Will definitely reorder. Great products at great prices!