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For my Regular needs for Restaurant at Baris, we trust only AuraDecor Candles 

Gaurav Sethi ( Owner Baris )

I wanted to let you know I received my order, and to Thank You for your prompt, professional service!  I really loved my soy candles.  The fragrance of the Blueberry Muffin and the Cranberry Marmalade are just fabulous.  The Blueberry is lit and I am sipping on a cup of hot would think I had muffins in the oven...mmm ;)  It was such a pleasure to buy candle gift sets from you.

Supriya Virmani ( Nutritionist , Magic Diets )

I love the Bell Jars and T-light  candles! I put just one in my living room and it filled the entire downstairs with a wonderful and long lasting aroma. The fact that the candles are soy is another plus because they are economically and green friendly.

Jyoti Gupta (Home Maker)

The Gold Dust Pillar Candle Gift Set is Really Alluring, Best Suited to Gift your Loved ones 

Mehak Gupta ( Fashion Designer )

These Aroma Candles can lift up any Mood Instantly as they are lit. The fact that they are smokeless makes their lingering fragrance even more Amazing.

Mirnalika ( Young Entrepreneur )

Every Diwali we Buy Candles from their Store, & have always appreciated there Standard Quality Control & Fragrances, Strong Dedicated Team Work 

Rakhi Jain ( Home Maker )

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