Aromatherapy Candle Scents To Bust Lockdown Stress

Aromatherapy Candle Scents To Bust Lockdown Stress

Busting Lock Down Stress

The warm dim glow and soothing scent of an aroma candle can do wonders to uplift our mood. With the world witnessing a global pandemic and soaring stress, anxiety under quarantine, aroma candles work like a charm. Studies have shown that aromatherapy indeed does have an effect on brainwaves and can alter behaviour. 

Candle Aromatherapy is extremely convenient, cost-effective, and has no side effects! You can indulge yourselves with a comforting luxury of naturally scented wood wick candles while going about your lockdown chores or lure a loved one into giving you a massage, and voila, you have an at-home spa!

They can also enhance your meditation experience by enriching your meditation room with their relieving energy. They are perfect for unwinding after a long, exhausting day.

Say goodbye to your lockdown sombre with these top 5 candle scents that are extremely effective for aromatherapy. 


Lavender Candles 

 (Lavender Pillar Candles)


With an atmosphere of uncertainty, we are all prone to experiencing some anxiety or insomnia. The sedative powers of lavender and its ability to soothe our running thoughts lends to its sleep-inducing properties

If you’re having troubles sleeping, check out our pure lavender Pillar or other candles made from pure and highly concentrated lavender essential oil. 

Orange Blossom

        Orange Blossom Candle       
       (Orange Blossom Jar Candle)   


Having a dull, boring, and unproductive day? Let an orange blossom candle brighten and refresh your day. With its citrusy punch, there is nothing like it to uplift your mood on a gloomy, moping day. 


Patchouli Herb


A Patchouli scented candle is an instant mood booster for anyone and everyone. Patchouli, a relative of the mint family, is a proven anti-depressant. It helps the body to release serotonin and dopamine busting all sadness and stress. It also soothes inflammation thanks to its medicinal properties. 

You may like our Pure Soy wax Patchouli Jar candle naturally scented with cold-pressed  Patchouli essential oil.

Patchouli Candle


                                            (Patchouli Jar Candle)

Night Jasmine

Jasmine Flower


Jasmine, a luxurious and rich floral scent, has been used in traditional aromatherapy treatments for centuries now. It is widely known to stimulate serotonin, the feel-good hormone in our bodies.

Check out our Night Jasmine double cotton wicked tin candles for a soft, cosy blend.

Jasmine Tin Candle

                                (Jasmine 2 Wick Candle Gift Set )


Vanilla Ice Cream

( Who all Loves Vanilla Ice Cream ? )


There is nothing more luxe than a naturally scented vanilla candle. Everyone has a soft spot for the sweet scent of vanilla. As it burns, it melts away all dreary feelings of anxiety and stress. The sweet scent curbs cravings and satiates your sweet tooth without any added calories, got a better deal?

You will definitely love our pure soy wax vanilla-scented jar candle. 

Vanilla Candle Set

( Vanilla Candle Set )

Happy Quarantining, folks!

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