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AuraDecor Aroma Wax Melts/Scentsy wax Tarts/Tart Wax

AuraDecor Aroma Wax Melts/Scentsy wax Tarts/Tart Wax

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Aroma Wax Tart

Break one Cube from the Rectangular tart of Tart & Put the same on the Diffuser ( Candle or Electric ) Green in Colour 

then ignite the candle/lamp underneath the diffuser to get the best result 

aroma wax melts/Scentsy wax tarts/tart wax

My soy wax melts are made using all-natural soy wax and the highest-quality fragrance oils. All of my melts are highly scented for superior fragrance throw when melted. 

I make all of my melts dye-free so you never have to choose between the fragrance you love and the color that best matches your decor. The natural color of the wax allows these melts to fit any decorating style.

This listing is for one clamshell package containing six 1" cubes of breakaway melts. Each cube is approximately 1/2 oz. and will provide at least 8 hours of fragrance.

Soy wax Rectangle melts are a great alternative to burning candles - there's no flame to worry about! Melts are perfect for dorms, offices, or apartments where burning candles are not permitted.

To use, simply break off Put 1 or 2 cubes of wax and add to the top of your electric or tealight tart burner/melter to melt. Wax can be reheated and re-melted until is no longer fragrant. You can also mix and match cubes of different scents to create your unique blend.

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