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Making Easy Money from Candles

Hey Friends,

I wish to share a Secret with you from which you can make easy money by just sitting and working from home.   

In the Last Decade, Candles & Decor Industry have grown in India & overseas main reasons behind this growth is Logistics Services has grown & improved to a great extent, several companies have jumped in with providing cheaper transportation services like DHL ( Ecom ), Fedex, BlueDart etc. 


and growth of E commerce websites (, .au, .eu . Etsy, Ebay ) & personal web pages over Shopify ) with the Integration of the above things it has created a space for buyers from outside buying same stuff at lesser price from other Nations.

                                E Commerce Platform

However I would like to mention that one cannot showcase its product over such Websites, unless they add some value to a simple candle ( and have a Basic Sales Tax Number ), this is where the profit is hidden.

Simple Candle when Customized fetches a Price 4 to 5 time the effective cost,

For instance; One Hollow Candle Square Normally Price for INR 100 to 200 or 1.5$ to 2$, Depending on the Size, however once the same is Customized it can be easily sold on the above discussed websites for 15 $ to 20 $. 

Set of 3 Square Hollow Candles


( Normal Cost of Such Candles Before Customization )

                  Hollow Candles

( After Customization )

                 Hollow Customised Candle

( Above Image is after the Customization of a Candle which is a very Quick & Easy Process, there are several videos on YouTube where you can customize Pillar Candles, Hollow Candles with no or very little Stationary Equipment  )

( Normal Selling Price Approx 30$ After the same is Customized )


Same Applies to a Pillar Candle , A Normal Pillar Candle Cost you Approx INR 50 to INR 70 ( Less than 1$ ) However the same when customized like Printed, Can bring the Price in Indian Markets to 150 where as overseas the price is 20$ approx 

3*3 inch Pillar Candle

                    Pillar Candles

( Above image is of a Simple pillar candle before customization is done on the same which we normally see in Super markets & stores )

           Buddha Candle after customisationLove Candle AuraDecor

Buddha Printed Candle

( Above link is for the Indian wholesale Price for Such a Candle Set , which is Normally Approx 25 to 30$ in European & US Markets )

( Such Beautiful Candle,Sets Normally Sells very high in the market after a little customization is done on the same), the Best Part is one can have flexibility in designs, with just a little work done on the same.


So to Summarize the Above Customizing a Simple Candle , & Market the same Properly can make good money 


with this little Extract we look forward you to work on them & create your own store & your own brand where you can showcase your creativity & talent & fetch a price as you like it, the process may be a little slow but once you get noticed you will surely get repeatedly sales & revenue will start pouring in 


We wish you a Successful journey & feel free to message us for any queries. 



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