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Aura Decor

AuraDecor Gel Wax for Candle Making

AuraDecor Gel Wax for Candle Making

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Gel Wax for Candle Making 


Gel wax is a transparent, rubbery compound composed of mineral oil and polymer resin.; capable of burning almost twice as long as paraffin wax candles. The approximate percentage of these two elements is 95% mineral oil and 5% polymer resin. 


Gel will burn at least twice as long as paraffin wax. It burns about twice as slowly as traditional wax

To make a gel candle, choose a glass jar or beverage glass and any wax inserts that you would like to embed in your candle. Select a gel wax density based on the concentration of scent you want (low density = 0-3%, medium density = 0-4%, high density = 0-5%). Choose a gel compatible scent and a liquid dye for color.

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