Corporate Gifting & its Benefits

Corporate Gifting & its Benefits

Your Good Guide To Corporate Gifting


Why Corporate Gifting?

  1. Gift giving in the corporate world is an efficient means of affirming business relationships.
  2. Helps in acknowledging and strengthening inter-personal ties with employees, long-standing clientele, Potential Customers and business allies.
  3. Whether you want to appreciate an employee’s hard work or enrich business relationships, corporate gifting is the way to go.

Corporate Gifting Guide

Corporate Gift Giving Over Incentives

  1. Productivity of a business is directly proportional to the satisfaction level of its employees.
  2. Incentives at workplace are conditional. Incentives are solely meant for employees who work hard, achieve preset targets and have a consistent growth rate with outputs.
  3. Gifting, on the contrary, is a great way to show you care. It establishes trust and serves as a subliminal reminder of appreciation assuring happy employees at workplace.
  4. Corporate gifts come with no preconditions, they are purely a token of gratitude.


Happy Employees

                       (Corporate gift giving enhances employee productivity)


How To Choose Your Perfect Corporate Gift?

  1. Conventional gifts like sweets, coffee mugs and chocolates are a thing of past with new trends surfacing every-day.
  2. The more thoughtful and personalized a gift is, the more memorable it becomes.
  3. We all know of tragic tales of dinner sets and boring bedsheets being tossed at employees for Diwali. Holding a personalized box with handcrafted goodies, packaged with love and curated with holiday cheer, is an unforgettable experience for any associate. Don’t let your gift be a namesake, let it make a mark.


Why AuraDecor?

  1. We, at AuraDecor, have an extensive assortment of fragrance products ranging from curated aromatherapy gift sets and diffusers to organic car fresheners.
  2. Our products are more meaningful and personal, they will help your employees take a breather from their busy schedules and recharge them for their personal lives as well as enhance performance on the professional front.
  3. Our range of products is perfect for every occasion as home scent gifts fit in really well in both cultural as well as formal set ups.
  4. Our selection is Unisex through and through which saves you the pain of having to select different gifts for men and women at work.


Check out these out of the box corporate gifting ideas we have for you!


Aromatherapy Gift Sets

What’s a better way to express that you care if not at home aromatherapy kits? With our vast array of curated gift sets, you’ll surely find the one that fits your budget and vision both!

Show that you care for your employees by helping them blow some steam off after an exhausting day at work with the relieving ambiance that our aromatherapy kits help create.

Aroma Gift Sets

                                          (Specially Curated Gift Sets) 

Aroma Diffusers

One of the easier and safer ways to make your home smell heavenly is an aroma diffuser. All it takes is a few drops of your desired essential oil- lavender, tangerine, peppermint, lemon whatever you like, and some water to transform your home or workplace into a soothing haven.

With ultrasonic vibrations, these diffusers disperse droplets of your favorite oil blend in the air leading to healing effects for the mind and body. After a long day at work, walking into a cozy home is all one needs to lay back and relax.

Aroma Diffuser

(Aroma Diffusers emit scent of your favorite essential oil blends safely)

 Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are easily the most beginner friendly, simple to use home fragrance. Reed sticks are immersed in a diffuser oil blend, the sticks soak up the oil and disperse scent into the air naturally. No heat, electricity or soot is involved which makes reed diffusers hassle free, practical, low risk and safe around children.

Reed Diffuser

        (Reed Diffusers  is a hassle free corporate gift loved by all)

Naturally Scented Organic Candles

If you wish to amp up your corporate gift giving culture, nothing screams more luxury than naturally scented organic candles.

With our range of natural wax such as soy wax, palm wax candles, you will find your perfect organic gift at AuraDecor.

They are handcrafted with premium quality Natural Wax and Concentrated Cold-pressed Essential oils.

Scented Candles

                      (Scented Candles are a Perfect gift for Corporates)

Celebration Candles

We have a home fragrance product for every occasion. Make every celebration a grand affair for your employees with our wide range of candles.

Beautiful tealights for Diwali, colorful candles for Gurupurab, pillar candles for Christmas or scented jar candles for anniversaries and birthdays, we have you covered!

Celebration Candles

Car Fresheners

Make your associates’ car rides to work pleasant and amusing by gifting them organic car fresheners.

Our naturally scented car fresheners are a safer alternative to some of the chemical laden ones in the market. Made of biodegradable packaging, they neutralize odors instead of masking them using safe ingredients like charcoal, baking soda and plant oils.



 Car FreshenerJute Bag Car Hanging Car Freshener

(Biodegradable jute bag car fresheners are a guilt free indulgence)


 DIY Candle Making Kits

Let your employees get hands on with our easy to use curated candle kits and make their own scented candles just the way they want them to be! A DIY candle kit is a truly unique gift for corporates.

It is the perfect bonding experience for your associates when undertaken as DIY Project at workplace and also serves as a rewarding team building exercise.



What to Expect from us?

We at AuraDecor value our customers. Assuring Happy Customers is what we aim at.


We want to make your corporate gifting experience smooth and seamless. With us, you will find the perfect corporate gifting solutions.


Volume Discounts for Bulk Quantities

Budget allocations for corporate gifting are usually tight. With us, be assured to receive the best deals and discounts on bulk orders. We want to appreciate you for placing your trust in us for your company’s corporate gifting needs. Exclusive discounts for bulk orders is our way of expressing it.

 Bulk Orders

Low Minimum Order Quantity

We understand that not all organizations have a huge workforce of hundreds and thousands of employees. Big or small, all organizations’ employees deserve some love and appreciation on special occasions and festivals. We have set our minimum order quantity in a way that suits the needs of all types of businesses.


High degree of customization

Want to throw in a couple of tealight candles and some reed sticks with a diffuser oil blend to curate the perfect luxe gift hamper for Diwali for your employees and clients?

We will do it. To help you achieve the best corporate gifting experience, we offer personalization and specially curated hampers as per your requirements.

                      Personalized Assistance in Choosing Right Gift Sets

Feeling confused about what will make for the best gift for corporates at your organization? Overwhelmed with the vast selection of products available online? Or are you tight on budget, we have Gifts Ranging from Rs 35 to Rs. 1000

Reach out to us at or 9711001212 and we would be happy to help you figure out what best suits your corporate gifting needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

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