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AuraDecor Natural Jar Candle Lavender & Mint Fragrance ( Soy Wax )

AuraDecor Natural Jar Candle Lavender & Mint Fragrance ( Soy Wax )

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AuraDecor Natural Wax Candle Soy Wax Lavender Mint Fragrance Burning Time 30 hours.

Researchers monitored their sleep cycles with brain scans and found that lavender increased slow-wave sleep, instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles. ... “Lavender essential oil offers calming and soothing properties that can help reduce stress,” Lavender candles help ease your mind and relive stress. candles are energizing and improve focus. Lavender candles also energizing and can relieve anxiety and depression.

With a minty and uplifting smell, eucalyptus helps decongest the nose and provide relief from colds, sinusitis, and allergies. It is emanated also to build energy. Peppermint: A scent that everyone is familiar with, peppermint aroma candles can relieve helps you relax. You may have heard that breathing in the smell of lavender makes you drowsy; turns out, it's true. Research shows the scent lowers heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state, Perfect Gift For your Loved Ones 

Can be Used in Home , Spa, Hotels, Restaurant, House Warming

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